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Visit us to fill up on healthy, homemade food

At Mamie's Protein Smoothies Queens, we believe everyone deserves access to clean and healthy food. Everything we sell is 100% organic and made with love, so you can be confident that you're treating your body well when you visit us for lunch or a snack. Whether you prefer sweet acai bowls or savory vegan chili, we've got something here you're sure to love.

We can also add protein, collagen or probiotics to any of our smoothies. Visit us today to fuel up on healthy food!

3 good reasons to stop by our cafe

There are so many good reasons to visit Mamie's Protein Smoothies Queens. Here, you can:

1. Treat yourself to an afternoon snack
2. Fuel up before or after a workout
3. Grab a quick lunch to take back to the office

We offer takeout and delivery services, and we have plenty of outdoor seating! Our café is a great location for groups and kids. Reach out today to place your order.

Helping our customers reach their personal health goals

Everyone has their own health goals, and we're here to help you reach yours. Our smoothies and bowls can help promote:

Weight loss

Healthy skin

Muscle gain

Plus, they taste great! Stop by today to try our tasty menu items.